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Looking for Greek Life photos for CJC’s website

This is a general plea to all Interfraternity Councils, Panhellenic Councils, Multicultural Greek Councils and National Pan-Hellenic Councils:

I am currently working on revamping the website to add a section regarding what we can offer Greek organizations and I am looking for pictures to use on the site.  They will be used the same way the pictures are used on the home page (i.e. here are images of the people we can help) and if you don’t like the way it’s used for some reason you can always let me know and I’ll take it down.

Fine print: any pictures you send me can potentially be used on the website for any purpose other than to imply an endorsement of our services by a particular organization or school. Sending the pictures does not mean that they will be used, and once you send them they are the property of College Judicial Consultants to be used at any time in accordance with the parameters described above. (i.e. in other words, we may not use them but if we have them we can use them as long as we use them the way I say we’re going to.) 🙂

You can email them to DaveK (at) CollegeJudicialConsultants (dot) com. Thanks!


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