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Internship opportunity for the energetic and creative (even if you don’t have much experience)

We are posting this internship opportunity in college career centers around Boston, but we will happily consider people from across the country (as long as you don’t need to meet with us in person to be effective.)  Look it over and if you’re interested feel free to email me at daveK (at) collegejudicialconsultants (Dot) com. Good luck!

College Judicial Consultants is the nation’s only online resource for students and student organizations in disciplinary trouble at school. We are experts in the college judicial process and have helped students, fraternities, and sororities from around the country in the year we have been doing business. We are located in Boston, MA, but do almost all our work via the phone and internet.

We are looking for someone with great energy and the ability to work at a flexible schedule to develop our marketing campaign to bring awareness about who we are and what we do to college students around the country.  We are looking for creative people who live “outside the box” and know how to reach their peers in a way that gets their attention (in a good way.)  We are risk takers and want someone who will take them with us!

Specifically, this person will:

  1. Develop an outreach campaign to college newspapers, student governments, Greek leaders, RAs, Hall Councils and/or any other groups that make sense.
  2. Review our current internet presence and make suggestions on how to improve and, once there is agreement, manage those changes.
  3. Rethink and develop our “Street Team” program.
  4. Other duties as they arise.

Minimum requirements:

  1. Some demonstrable experience in developing or improving the web presence of an individual, band, or business.
  2. Successful completion of applicable coursework.
  3. Comfort working independently with little direct supervision.
  4. Proven success in meeting deadlines in an environment with little/no structure. (In other words, your grades are less important than showing that you have had deadlines in the past that you met successfully.)
  5. A computer and access to internet.

Helpful requirements:

  1. An understanding of Greek Life
  2. Familiarity with the disciplinary process at their school.

This is an unpaid internship with the potential for a “bonus” at the end of the term based on demonstrable success.  In other words, if the work gets results the success of those results will be shared with the successful candidate as a “bonus.”

It is expected that this intern will work 10-15 hours a week at a very flexible schedule.  All work will be done by this person remotely with weekly or bi-weekly meetings with Dave Kennedy at a location near campus.

There is a possibility that a position will be created this summer to do this work on a part-time basis. Initial consideration for the position will be given to the person in this internship if that happens.

To apply:  Submit a resume and a cover letter discussing your experience promoting to a nationwide audience (even in a limited capacity.)  We do not expect that you will have extensive experience, but we are looking for someone who has had the kind of small successes that will allow him or her to think big!  We encourage underclassmen and people with creativity, compassion and a sense of humor.  We hope to build your professional experience, so grow with us!


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