College Judicial Consultants

Information on college, conduct, Greek life, advocacy, and fairness-published every Tuesday and Friday morning.

Internship opportunities

We are looking for 2-6 people for an UNPAID internship.   We are located in Boston, but if your school does not require in person contact we will take applications from anywhere.  Preference is given to people in areas of high-student concentration like Boston, NYC, DC area, Raleigh/Durham, Berkeley, Chicago, etc. There are 2 major types of positions:

1.  Non-media marketing–We need 1-3 creative people to help develop marketing strategies and materials for campus campaigns for College Judicial Consultants.  Depending on how many people we hire, this may also include contacting student leaders directly and/or responding to communication. We are pretty flexible with the details so we can accommodate your school’s requirements for interns. (No 1st semester freshmen, please.)

2.  Web design and/or marketing.  We have a good site, but we have some additional ideas and need someone who can program websites to either integrate directly into or that parallels the site. Other ideas, especially that can be integrated into a marketing strategy, are welcome.

Again, these are non-paying internships, but they will (hopefully) develop into paid internships after a semester.  No promises.  We will write the final position descriptions to suit you and your school’s needs.

Send your resume along with a brief statement describing the reason you’re interested and any relevant skills to 


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